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Hello world!

A blog post in which some weird Bible reader introduces himself.

I am a writer with an interest in the Bible. I’ve kept my identify obscure because I do not want it to get in the way of the subject at hand. I hope that we can enjoy an interesting conversation on the subject of Christian doctrine and its practical application to life.

I am researching and writing a book about doctrinal matters at which point if I have not already done so, I guess I will have to tell you a bit more about me as a person.

For me, this blog is an opportunity to set the record straight. I would like the world to know that not all Christians are fact-adverse crazy people. We are not all tub-thumping authoritarians out to condemn you for just being who you were made to be.

I am not here trying to convert you, convince you, or change you. Unless you happen to be a tub-thumping, fact-adverse, authoritarian brother or sister – in which case I am most definitely here to try and convince you to wind it in a bit.

There are a few Christian sites with some seriously woolly doctrine. I figure that I will get round to examining some of their articles and blog posts in due time.

Romans 14:12 says that each of us must give an account of themselves and so I have been very mindful of this when thinking about if I even wanted to start this blog. I would be grateful if, whether you agree with me or not, you question me on a regular basis. If my logic is flawed say so. If my reasoning leaves something to be desired, call me out on it.